To be honest I have never seen a detailed or rewarding system since Star Wars Galaxies

To be honest I have never seen a detailed or rewarding system since Star Wars Galaxies


Not so at the crop / crafting however. Pso2 does have a thriving market though. You have to slay monsters here and there but it's entirely possible once you have some currency to take over a chunk of the market. There's a method in meseta pso2 Phantasy Star Online 2 which is kind of like the equivalent of enchanting equipment and not everyone understands it entirely on NA or some people are only lazy but you can purchase some lower"enchants" and efficiently turn them into higher ones and resell them in the higher cost. I'd go more but I fear for my life in the Player Shop Stonks Mafia.

To be honest I have never seen a detailed or rewarding system since Star Wars Galaxies. This was more than a decade past. You really have two choices, if you're trying to find the very best trading/economy experiences in gaming history then. EVE Online or Star Wars Galaxies personal servers like SWG:Legends. You essentially interact with everything through endless menus although EVE is quite modern with a market. Very stimulating. Nonetheless, it is F2P with subscriptions that are optional.

SWG servers are F2P but you want to find a copy of the retail game on 2nd-hand or even eBay. Phantasy Star Online 2 is around 15 years old so does not look great but it also has a player-run economy during its heart because almost every weapon, building, instrument and piece of armor is made by a participant. Unfortunately, publishers and programmers don't appear to think there is any interest in games like this any more which is why they are a rare breed.Crazy fan Concept Linking PSO2 to PSO

This stuff largely talks about Episode 1 substance in PSO2. However, I do believe there's enough evidence. Theory Falz [Elder] before being sealed again destroyed Pioneer 2. The remains of Pioneer two would be. Back in PSO, should you read the ground is placed on by the capsules Red Ring Rico, she mentions that because it couldn't be defeated, Dark Falz needed to be sealed. But, its power still churns out of the seal and corrupted the spaceship it was imprisoned in and the wildlife. At the time, Rico believed it had been possible to destroy it. This could be verified to be folly in PSO2 by Six's Council.

Even though it had been thought to be possible, it's still clear a lot of time has passed since PSO1 because Casts are now able to utilize methods, something they were intentionally incapable of at the moment. More evidence of photon advancement was the fact they could be implemented to weapon usage. While Falz Elder's sealing was a mere 40 years ago of PSO2, there is no confirmation of how long ago the cheap PSO2 Meseta events of PSO were compared PSO2. I believe the time period was within the assortment of 200 decades.