It would be mad to have a narrative that follows a prospect in the manner because they were very young

It would be mad to have a narrative that follows a prospect in the manner because they were very young


Make it nearer to 2K14. Where you start in the 2K21 MT draft, build your way up. It's just gotten worse since. The draft and not knowing where I am going or dictating makes me wanna play more and establish myself and make the business believe they made the best choice. I always play realistic so I don't be trying to be the Star year-old I'll avg 20-24 at the most and when we lose we lose. However, my longest my career was 2K12 I moved with the team that drafted me and bought them 4 titles because I felt that the natural development of being the took to being the guy and face of this franchise, and it was interesting.

These are a few good ideas. I'm a large RPG guy, and would really like to have this narrative. Since it reflects what actual prospects undergo now Truly love the post-high school choices. Do not care about the narrative stuff because you play it and it generally takes a few days to finish. Most people already forget what happened in the story a couple of months in. Only thing that I want from NBA 2K is to allow players to have more knowledge about where they are on the court when it comes to picking up/saving balls around the base lines.

I just also want it to be where grading ai not everything like going out and scoring 50 points with no assists, rebounds or other stats should not look good in the pre draft procedure and should look at my scouting report following every game on the high school, and next measure arc so when I am scoring a lot but not doing much my draft report should say"prolific scorer but concerns about not getting his team engaged and being selfish".

Hence the draft interview state the Knicks interview you and your the"selfish prolific scorer" they'll ask you"so we searching for a franchise player which may come in and assist the staff and the players around him improve because we're a young team but also you ain't shown much of getting the team involved. Why is that and do you intend to alter that?" If you tell them yes but do not do that you may wind up following your rookie year for a celebrity who'll do precisely what they need from a franchise out the door in the off-season you and Star had no say. I don't need to feel like I can be LeGm James and demand until I proved myself trades request people to come by free agency or trade.

It would be mad to have a narrative that follows a prospect in the manner because they were very young, Zion or even Lebron were followed closely. Top 1 player in the nation, expectations greater than ever, a lot of difficult choices, dealing with interpersonal media and popularity at as I stated a young age. simply focusing on how tough the world takes on young gifted children. I like that and you're options of brokers the societal groups you are around influence you and personality of the personality off the court which could affect relationships with players in the league I'd also a lil choice to simulate the offseason or go learn a distinctive transfer out of a legend or perform pick up games with other nba players to Buy NBA 2K21 MT boost your attributes and badges and boost connections.