I am aware this sub has a ****ing heart attack any moment

I am aware this sub has a ****ing heart attack any moment


I can see how it's fun for RS gold casuals and people with not that time who are stuck in mid-game at the authentic OSRS and did not experience a lot of the end-game content.

For me however, it just looks like a personal server with Jmod abilities and instant gratification. I frankly wouldn't feel great about completing GWD in a couple of times and ruining every boss with zero effort.

I am aware this sub has a fucking heart attack any moment double exp is said, but honestly double exp weekends occasionally would get me back to playing the sport than anything.Leagues has been a good deal of fun, but man I am so poor at playing region locked Ironman lol. Every time that I come up with a plan I hit a roadblock. I like the xp Prices and relics but also miss the GE

Personally I will go as far as to say that is actually the most fun I've ever had playing the sport. I have played almost every iteration of RS besides classic, played all the good and bad and I will still say after 15 years that is the most enjoyable.

The first portion of this league is a bit grindy* untill you unlock your 2nd location. It also requires a decent however of obscure game understanding, and some people don't want to look up the wiki every other min.

It is something like 15 hours of grinding at the first place before you get to a lot of the fun stuff.I think I moved in without any sort of plan, the sensation of being a newb again was fine but it's hasn't gone yet...

Mate I'm the same. I have not got the time to perform OSRS. I love the concept of Ironman mode, but if you can play as little as I can, you just don't get anything done ever. Trailblazers has changed that completely. I am able to get loads done at the time I can perform, experience a little how Ironman style is and just enjoy the game for what I used to love it as, instead of the grind it's these days with minimal time.

I would love to get a League of buy rs gold paypal this style where you might slowly unlock the whole map through tasks rather than only place areas. The jobs allow me to do things I wouldn't normally do.